Monday, November 24, 2008

wow totally MIA!

I haven't been around here much eh? Some of you may have noticed that I am also an online activist so I was needed on a mission and fight for the innocent! Mission completed and succeeded :)

I did manage to make a pencil case for my daughter. I bought this plastic pencil case for her and it was not efficient at all. She needs to bring at least 6 crayons to school and all those crayons were breaking and the case was getting dirty and messy all the time because they were loose in the case.

I found a nice corduroy fabric at Joann's on sale, and it has my daughter's favorite animal (she is crazy about horses!). I lined the case with some thick costume fabric (don't ask me what kind it is i don't know lol, it was given to me) and applied dividers for her crayons. I also overclocked the seams, it looks a little raw right beside the zipper but it is not.

TA-DAH! All organized now! :)

I wonder what my teammates are up to lately... I gotta visit their blogs!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
Nice idea for a pencil case.

Lesley L. said...

Very cool! :D