Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's in my blood! :)

I am jumping up and down today as I found this gorgeous pair of shoes on Etsy!

You may ask yourself why is this so special?

Because the material used to create this pair of shoes is a Mola! A Mola is a 100% handmade quilt made by the Kunas, natives of my country. PANAMA!

Their technique? They use a reverse appliqué utilizing several layers of fabric (from 2 to 7!) in different colors, and it takes them from one week to 7 months depends on the design. Isn't this out of this world?

Click on the picture to check out the details!


Lory said...

I read about the mola through the link, thanks. That's really neat stuff. The dulemor has really intricate details, it's beautiful. The kunas are walking around with couture clothes, the workmanship is awesome. :):):):):)

Anonymous said...

How cool is that?!

Nicki Parker said...

Cool shoes!
I've seen a Mola up close before and the work is so intricate and amazing!...but shoes! WOW! what a find for you!

Lesley L. said...

Wow, those are absolutely amazing!!

Congrats on such a great find :)