Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crazy Holidays!!!!

I really hope everyone is having a blast during the Holidays. It's been quite crazy around here, making handmade gifts, keeping the kids entertained during the 2 wk vacation, eating out in other's people houses, visiting the family and all the craziness of the Holidays. I just dream this time could be dedicated to just relaxing at home, but it's never possible! I haven't even been able to blog at all, how terrible! I went into a sewing frenzy and make all my gifts exclusively handmade, what a HUGE task! I wanted to share pictures of a couple of them, I just wished I had the time to take pictures of all of them but my time was so limited that even picture taking was time consuming lol!

Anyways... here I go:

I made several of these sets (Coasters and a big one for a hot pan)

...and tons of these, they were a hit!!!
Eye Pillows filled with rice, lavender and Clary Sage Essential Oil

All the kids received a Crayon Roll and I still need to finish my daughters' toys - I told them Santa gave me lots of wool felt to make new toys for them. *wink*

Edited to Add:

Oh yeah and I forgot that I took pictures of this cute iPod case I made for a friend's daughter, she has the same iPod my husband has so I was able to make the perfect case for it. I used this amazing tutorial, easy and fast! I made 2 of these in different patterns. (sorry I forgot to take pics of the other case!)


Lory said...

The gifts are beautiful! I especially love the eye pillows. :):):) There's something so special about a handmade gift. :)

Have a great New Year's!!


Nicki Parker said...

I especially love the ipod case!great idea! Thanks for the link to the tutorial....I'm going to make one tonight before I close up the sewing "studio" for a while....

adnan amjad said...

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